We love the philosophy of open science
and want to share our work with you.

About Us

For now, we are a small group of people sharing the philosophy of open science.
With this website, we want to provide a stage for open source projects in plant science!

It all started with some DIY-projects while our PhD at the plant sciences department at the Technical University of Munich. Coincidence brought some like-minded people together and led to the outset of collaboration. We aimed at convincing our supervisors of the importance of open science.

We founded this Community as a networking hub for people who are interested in plant science and want to share their ideas, receive help with problems or gain new inspiration! This website is still under development, and we hope our Community will grow in the future.



We are calling for creative people who are reckless enough to start solving problems on their own! You have an awesome idea how to make the daily life of a plant scientist easier? You already began working on it, or you need some help to get started? Then this is the right place for you! Just write us, and we will put your idea/project on this website and help you find support, inspiration and an adequate audience!


Sometimes you might lack this one breaking idea to solve a problem. Maybe the crowd can help? Just write us what you have been thinking about for such a long time and what problem is gnawing away at you. We will put it online and try to bring the right people together to solve it!

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