Welcome to openplant.science

Welcome to openplant.science fellow scientist, maker, biohacker, open source enthusiast and everybody else who came to visit. We are proud to present to you our web page we started for people just like you!

What is this all about?

First, with the projects we link or upload on this website we want to motivate you to do your own thing and become more creative with problem-solving! You will see it’s easier than you think it is! Take a look at the projects on this website. You will find that you can easily combine your job as a scientist with a fun DIY project which might also help you to get on with your scientific work!

Stop following Manuals!

Doing everything as always and strictly after a protocol is easy because you don’t have to think! You will never really understand some mechanisms if you don’t start tweaking them and observe the outcome! This also applies to scientific instruments! Most might seem to be high-tech and complicated, but in fact, they are quite simple, and it is easy to create a custom built by yourself. Sometimes all you need are some hardware hacks to extend the abilities of the things you already have. And we promise you that you will understand the instrument much better than before and you can look into the black box which used to just spit out values for you!

Follow your curiosity!

We hope that the reason why you are a scientist is your curiosity and the drive to discover and explain new things. Or have you already lost it? Maybe you’ll find it again when you worked the whole night just to finish your [insert cool project here] and you are wondering if it is going to work. When you can’t wait for the outcome of the very first test, nothing can beat this feeling!

Share your things!

It’s not like somebody is going to break your ideas if you share them! The opposite is true. Your ideas will grow, and problems you could not see can be solved together! Open Source strength is the heterogeneity of its community and resulting problem-solving creativity. In the spirit of open science, we also want to motivate non-scientific people to be curious do experiments and look behind the curtain! That’s why we also want to contribute to a positive development of citizen plant science projects by supporting them and provide possible scientific applications!

What now?

And here we are now! The website is online but still a bit empty. We are working hard to upload our projects and link other open source projects in plant sciences, but this will take a while to do. If you want to help, just drop us a message, and we’ll tell you how! You have the opportunity to jump in, create something awesome and change plant sciences forever!

We hope you like what we are trying to do and support us! We will keep you updated on our progress!

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